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Negative Feedback. Oh NO!

Negative Feedback. Oh NO!

How to deal with negative Feedback!

It happens, negative feedback left on your site! Now, what should you do? Delete it if you can? Ignore it?

I am not a fan of deleting negative feedback! First things first. Check out who left that negative feedback and respond to it as you should do in any other business, with great customer service. You need to show your customers that you care, no matter how much you might dislike the fact of negative feedback. Keep in mind that we all have bad days.

You should ask yourself:

Who is giving the feedback?

  • Customer
  • Investor
  • Employer
  • Stakeholders

Is this person reliable/creditable and/or trustworthy? And, evaluate the purpose of the feedback.

  • Genuine Purposes could be:
  • Educate or inspire
  • Improve a service
  • Share a concern/ experience

When to delete negative comments:

  • Profanity
  • hateful
  • extremely rude

When responding, separate the True from the False.

Admit fault and offer to fix the problem. We all make mistakes, but there are different ways to handle mistakes. Be honest and provide excellent customer service!  This might turn your negative feedback into a happy customer because she knows that you did your best to help this customer and you are actually interested in providing great services or products! This will make lasting customer relationships in the end. Look at it at as an opportunity to show off your customer service skills.


So, don’t be scared or get frustrated if you see negative comments on your website. Try and make the best of it and show that you can be trusted!



Business Strategies, under construction.

Business Strategies, under construction.

If you can keep strategies “under construction” you will keep coming back and make adjustments.


Strategy SHBC Agency wants to help small business and especially small start-ups to become successful and allow people to make a good living off of their business.Having a strategy planned out will help every start-up to achieve their goals.
Management What is it that you have to manage? During the beginning stages, you should manage the operation start-up. Did you do all of your research? Do you have a team together? Or maybe you want to do it all on your own?


How important is your website in your business? Did you think about this already?


Tower crane building a 3D yellow grey Under Construction textIf you are selling goods or services online you already know how important your website is. It is the center of your business! Every business should have a great online presence. Your customers will expect to find you online and even on mobile devices. As consumers, we are all so used to people trying to rip us off with poorly constructed, overpriced products and poor services. If you run an honest business, you can use this to your advantage and this is where your online presence can play an important role.

You can (and should) inform people about who you are and what you stand for.

  • Great customer service
  • Ethical business practices
  • Involvement in Community
  • Showing that your pride in the services and goods you have to offer.

Have a great Strategy layed out and keep coming back to look at it, make adjustments if you have to! And keep in mind that your online presence can be so much more than a beautiful looking website!


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