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Mobile Responsive

Your website can't look good sometimes on some devices. It needs your impeccable look, feel, and operability no matter when or from where it's accessed. Mobile responsive is no longer the wave of the future ... it's the need of the now. The real Question...

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Simone Hawthorne giving back to the community.

As a local (Martinsburg WV) business owner and the spouse of a 100% disabled Golf War Veteran, it came naturally for me to give back to the community by helping out Veterans in our area. I am the VP of Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Chapter 1074 since last year and just took the test to become a certified Service Rep. helping our Veterans to get help and benefits they deserve.

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Negative Feedback. Oh NO!

It happens, negative feedback left on your site! Now, what should you do? Delete it if you can? Ignore it? I am not a fan of deleting negative feedback! First things first. Check out who left that negative...

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No to doing spec work!

What is spec work? Basically, it means to produce work for a "possible" client without any guaranty that the designer will get the job. Most young designers start out doing spec work just because they don't have a reputation and no clients yet. Did I do it? Yes, I did...

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Business Strategies, under construction.

If you can keep strategies "under construction" you will keep coming back and make adjustments.   Strategy SHBC Agency wants to help small business and especially small start-ups to become successful and allow people to make a good living off of their...

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Search Engine Optimized

You need to rank well in search engines so readers, customers, and clients can find you. Clean, optimized code plus smart design architecture is essential for achieving the best rankings possible.

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Blogging. Not your favorite thing to do?

Blogging for your business is important. It will help you rank, if you really have content that is of good quality. And, yes I know it is not easy to come up with new posts a few times a week. I have times where I struggle so much and I stress myself out because I...

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