• Use no more than 5 colors
  • Learn about the meaning of colors to strengthen its use in your designs
  • colors need to be in harmony with each other
  • different colors have different meanings, black can symbolize grief, orange in street signs to signal awareness
  • keep in mind color preferences are personal


  • Fonts should be easy to read
  • never use more than three
  • think about who your advertisement or document is for,  ( you will most likely using a different font for a daycare than you would use for a Consulting Business )
  • try fontpair to see what fonts work well together

Effective Visual Communication should also include:


  • avoid unnecessary design elements
  • be sophisticated but not plain
  • communicate in the simplest way possible


  • align elements to maintain consistency
  • make use of columns
  • try using a grid
  • use the rule of thirds
  • figure out where to put your most important content

10 tips for designing effective visual communication


  • make sure items are appropiatly sized
  • have your important content stand out
  • Proportion is the relationship of two or more elements


  • use them to highlight key information
  • will people undwerstand that it is a callout?
  • Use buttons instead of links


  • too much information can be incoherent ( especially in an advertisement piece )
  • and again, keep it simple
  • use negative space so the user can understand the content without distraction
  • too much information, (text and patterns) can overwhelm


  • should match the topic


  • and one more time, keep it simple
  • purpose of the icon must be crystal clear
  • symbol needs to be universally understood
  • best to stick with text if the icon is not clea to understand


  • visualize data in an easy to understand way
  • translation of data into something more visual, like basic charts


donut chart

The above list is the shortest list I could ever produce. Apparently, there is much more to learn about effective visual communication. It takes years off studying to become a sound web designer or graphic designer. There are many books filled with great content about this topic. But, if you are a small business owner and want to create some visual aids for your Facebook content an excellent way to start is to keep all of the above mentioned in mind.

If you would like to get more tips, contact us!!!  We always love to hear from you!

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