Brainstorming, sitting comfortably with a group of people

Ever Tried Brainstorming As a Group, for Your Content Marketing Team?

It might not work for all teams and all businesses but, hey, you never know unless you try. Especially when you are feeling stuck, or your team is trying to solve a problem it can be a good thing to brainstorm as a team. Some ideas from others might invoke some new thoughts in your mind.

Here are some ideas on how to facilitate a group brainstorming.


1. Find Your Sacred Space – comfort is key

Find a beautiful, comfortable corner in your office to “hang out” with your team. yes, you can be laying around when brainstorming as a group. The time s over, hopefully, where everybody has to be all business like in dresses and suits.

2. Gather Your Tribe – different experts make for more exciting sessions

Make sure is comfortable enough to spit out ideas in front of others without the fear of sounding stupid. These meetings can only be successful if everybody has a good time while working. Creativity has a flow and can never be forced in situations that you do not feel safe.

3. Nourish the Souls – rainbow-colored foods can boost creativity

rainbow spring rolls with avocado white bean hummus

Creativity flows better with some great colorful food. Just make sure that you know what everybody likes and pay attention to possible allergies some people might have.

4. Say Yes – don’t turn down all the ideas, you never know when lightning will strike!

Don’t turn down any ideas. Just keep building on new ideas. That is what brainstorming should be about. Free flow of creative juices. Encourage even silly ideas just like when freewriting. Let’s get everything out that pops into the team’s heads.

5. Keep it on Record – jot down all ideas on a board for all to see; it may spark a new idea

And keep it up on the board for a while, so it stays fresh for everybody to see. It might spark a new idea later on in the week.

6. Take a Break – get the team involved with a 5 min exercise routine or talk a walk outdoors

It is always a good idea to get up and move around to keep the blood flowing. A 5 to 10 min walk outside, if possible, can do wonders.


“ Defer judgment. Encourage wild ideas. Stay focused on the topic. The most important of them, I would argue, is “Build on the ideas of others.”
― Tim Brown, Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation


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