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Logo Design

Your Logo is a vital part of your branding strategy.

Your New Logo

Your Logo should inspire trust, recognition, and admiration.


For easy recognition that allows the logo to be versatile & memorable.


An effective logo should be memorable and this is achieved by having a simple , yet appropriate logo.


Great logos are timeless. Your logo must be effective in 10 maybe 20 or even 50 years from now.


A Logo must work across a variety of applications and mediums. For this reason, we will create your Logo in vector format using Adobe Illustrator.

Design Process

  • Design Brief
  • Research & Brainstorming
  • Sketching
  • Prototyping
  • Finishing Touches
  • Supply Files to You

A Logo must be Appropriate for its intended purpose.

For example: If you need a Logo for a Daycare Center it is appropriate to use a simple font. We would not use this same font when creating a Logo for an Insurance company. The same holds true for colors and icons we will use.


Researching the competition to find out what is industry standard, should be the first step in the journey of creating your logo.


Before we go to work in Adobe Illustrator, we will sketch the logo out.

Plan for a Logo that will work in the  Future

Just think about the McDonald logo or Pepsi and Kodac

We Love Logo Design

Designing a Logo is the most fun for us because we can let the creative juices flow.


I would like to use my sketch. Is this possible?
Usually, this is not a problem. If the sketch is not appropriate for your product, we will advice rethinking the design.
Do I have to pay upfront?
We will take at least 50% before we start designing. Another 25% before we do the finishing touchup. The last 25% before we will send you all the files in different formats.
What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
We work with all types of businesses and offer flexible payment plans. We still remember how hard it is to start a business.

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