Your website can’t look good sometimes on some devices.

It needs your impeccable look, feel, and operability no matter when or from where it’s accessed. Mobile responsive is no longer the wave of the future … it’s the need of the now.

The real Question is what kind of mobile solution is right for you!

Not many web designer, but some, still sell a non responsive website. Well, not the best solution but, don’t worry you can add a mobile site and you will not lose any money you have already invested into your desktop site. There is no question about the need of a mobile presence. You need it if you want to keep your web presence going. More and more users are doing more and more tasks on mobile devices while on the go, relaxing on the sofa or running on the treadmill.


If you have many edits to do

Having a separate mobile site means double the work. All edits you have for your desktop site will have to be done again for the mobile site. These are two different folders so actually two different websites. One works better for desktop and the other is made especially for smaller screens. A responsive website renders in a different way on mobile devices but it is only one folder so, one site. Updates made to the responsive site only have to be done once.

Google also seems to like Responsive Websites

You probably know by now that Google prefers mobile solutions and that your site could rank higher with a mobile solution. Google will prefer the responsive website before the mobile website which as I said before is actually a different site in a different folder.

Let’s just say….It has to be a responsive design!


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