Search Engine Optimization

It is no secret that not always the perfect content makes a site rank high in search engines and get a site on page one. There are (used to be) some tricks that can be done to a website to get it on that first page.

If you are not on page one or page two for the search phrases that should pop your site up it is almost impossible to get traffic from search engines. nobody clicks on the third or fourth page in Google.

Some SEO techniques can hurt your website and you have to be very careful who you trust to do your SEO. Search engines make changes all the time to make sure that users get to see the most relevant content available about the topic they are searching for. I think this is a great thing and you will be rewarded¬†if you don’t try to cheat and use tricks.

Great SEO takes time and if somebody makes a promise to get your site on page one in a week simply hang up the phone or run!

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